Full Service Gunsmithing


Lets get those polymer frames done right. Our in house customization gunsmith will take your factory grips, frames and other polymer accessories and stipple them one of 80+ designs we have available.

Custom AK Furniture

Does your AK have worn-out wood furniture, horrible plastic furniture, or that dreaded thumbhole stock? Let us customize it to a nice wood set or even a folding stock. We can turn the boring AK into something special.

LTC Course

Basic Firearms Safety Course (Requirement to get LTC/FID) – Non Live Fire class that teaches safe handling, storage, loading and unloading of various firearms. Semi-auto handguns and rifles, revolvers and shotguns. We also go over MA specific firearms laws.


Consign you firearms here for a rate of 8% of sale price+ $45 Handgun/$75 Long gun.

AR Builds

Have an upper you need assembled? Lower parts kit or trigger to be installed? Let us do the handywork and get it all setup and working right. We specialize in prebans too, so inquire about us building an AR for you with a preban lower, and modern upper and lower parts/triggers.

Firearm Cleaning Drop-Off

Tired of cleaning your guns yourself after the range? Drop them off and let us clean and lube to ensure they stay running right!

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